To advance the homeopathic profession by certifying individuals who meet and maintain a recognized standard of professional and ethical competence in classical homeopathy and to assist the general public in choosing appropriately qualified homeopaths.

We envision a healthcare system that encompasses certified classical homeopathic practitioners to be accessible to all.

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CHC Account Access

CCH certified practitioners in good standing can log in to the database/directory to manage contact and office information. An Account Username and Password is needed to proceed. Usernams and Passwords were issued via email and contained instructions for accessing an online account. Please contact the CHC at chcinfo@homeopathicdirectory.com if you no longer have access to the assigned Username/Password.

The Firefox web browser is not supported, use Chrome (Mac or Windows), Safari (Mac) or Internet Explorer (Windows). Please be sure that your operating system and browser are up to date. 

Do not attempt to renew using a smart phone or tablet. These devices are not supported. Use a laptop or desktop computer.


Documentation submitted in support of CEU claims must contain:

  • Name of the activity and, if applicable, the name of the sponsoring entity
  • CCH holder name as a presenter, attendee, mentor, teacher, or writer (as applicable)
  • Date the activity was completed (or published)
  • Number of hours associated with the activity (for activities in which hourly CEUs are earned)
  • Number of CEUs awarded, if the sponsoring entity awarded CEUs
  • For article publications, a photocopy of the article or PDF of the web hosted article
  • For books or book chapters, photocopies of the title and copyright pages (and bibliography page if the title page does not show the CCH holder’s name)

These requirements are stated in the Recertification Handbook.  For more information, please review the handbook.

If you are submitting a letter for your acivity as a teacher, mentor, presenter (homeopathic or non-homeopathic), or other role - these letters must be signed to be accepted as documentation. 

What is NOT Acceptable Documentation for CEUs 

  • Summaries or a list of CEU Activity (all activities need documentation) 
  • Unsigned Letters
  • Blank Forms for Seminars or Courses
  • Confirmation Emails for Signing Up for Webinars (does not confirm participation)
  • Word Documents of Articles without a Reference to Published Article

Note: Beginning with the Nov 30, 2018 recertification deadline (i.e., for CE activities completed between Dec 1, 2017 through Nov 30, 2018), activities such as homeopathic conferences, webinars, seminars, and other, similar homeopathic education-related CE activities must be approved by ACHENA.


  • Loggin in with the username and password will bring up the 'CCH Holder Profile' page
  • To the Right of the contact information should be a section entitled 'Recertification Cycle'
  • Click 'View/Edit' for both 'Forms' and 'CEUs', located directly below the categories. Please complete 'CEUs' FIRST. 
  • For 'CEUs', click the blue 'View/Edit' button to get to the correct page
    • Click the green "Add CEU Activity' button.
    • Choose an activity category from the dropdown menu.
    • Briefly describe the course, seminar/webinar, or activity in 72 characters or less
    • Click the blue 'Docs' button to the left hand side of the form to be brought to a new page to upload a document that communicates the requirements have been completed.
    • Click the blue 'Insert' button which then directs to a finder window on your computer to choose an electronic document to upload. Each activity will require a separate entry. Repeat steps one through three until all CEUs have been documented.Make sure there are NO red dots indicating that something is incomplete and that you have green cells at the bottom of the page indicating that you have completed 15+ CEUs for this year. If you have completed more it will indicate how many credits will roll over for next year's cycle.
      • The CHC site accepts .jpg, .png picture files, but the preference is .pdf documentation files.
      • Do NOT upload .pages or .doc/.docx documents
    • Click the blue Recert Forms button at the top of the screen when the upload of CEUs is complete.
  • When in the 'Forms' section please check boxes for attestations, legal status, and the electronic signature page. All of the required boxes indicated by a red dot must be completed before the system will recognize this section complete. NOT USE YOUR BROwSER TO MOVE BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN PAGES. This will knock you out of the system and require you to sign in again. Use the navigation buttons on the page. 
  • When both sections are complete, you will be prompted to pay for for 2017 recertification by credit card on page 3 of the 'Forms' section.  You may also choose to add a donation during checkout.


  • Once you Login with your username and password you should come to a page entitled 'Candidate Profile'
  • Click the green 'Add Renewal' button. It will prompt you to choose a year - choose 2017.
  • Once there is a cell for the 2017 Renewal Cycle, click 'View/Modify'
  • For 'Forms' please check boxes for attestations, legal status, and the electronic signature page. All of the required boxes indicated by a red dot must be completed before the system will recognize this section complete.
  • When this section is completed, you will be prompted to pay for 2017 renewal by credit card on page 3 of the 'Forms' section.
If you have any further questions and would like assistance, please contact our offices at 866.242.3399 Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm EST or email us at chcinfo@homeopathicdirectory.com.



  This Website is the official source for the most current certification guidelines. Although the CHC strives to give applicants and credential holders as much advance notices as possible when policies or procedures change, it is the responsibility of the individual to be fully informed about the current application and certification guidelines.


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